Eric Euler Music Projects

Thesasurical ( Instruemental Solo Synth Quests) 


Thesaurical is my new (solo?) synth based music project. I'm getting ready to launch my first album, after which I'm hoping to start collaborating with other artists remotely and to continue my sonic quest.

Cool Animal (Psychedelic synthy instrumental funk rock?) 

Cool Animal

Cool Animal is a collaboration between Colin Goodwin (Bass), Joel Sweeney ( Guitar), Deko Telka (drums), and myself on synth, guitar, and production. This project was  born out of the apocalypse (covid). It began with us learning basic music production during the pandemic but has since evolved into a collaborative routine of writing and recording psychedelic funky synthy instrumental jams. 

The Isosceles Project ( Heavy Instrumental Prog)

The Isosceles Project

The Isosceles Project is a heavy instrumental progressive metal band based in Southern Ontario and lead by Eric Euler. The extended Isosceles Project family includes Scott Tessier (Bass), Brandon Smith (Drums), and Justin Falzon (Drums). They've released two full length records Oblivion's Candle (2009) and Bridges (2012) and toured North America frequently between 2009-2012. Eric is currently auditioning new bass players and drummers to get this project live again so get in touch! New record in 2024 * First two photos by Arkan Zakharov  

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