My name is Eric Euler. I'm an Ontario born multi-disciplinary artist, educator, and Tamarind Printer currently practicing between Northern and Southern Ontario. Since arriving back in Canada in June 2016 I've had three solo exhibitions and have been working and running workshops at studios such as Centre {3} in Hamilton and Open Studio in Toronto. In Spring 2017 I opened a mobile woodblock t-shirt printing workshop called Upside Down Press in North Bay Ontario. I currently maintain my own print studio in a co-working space at Nipissing Regional Curatorial Collective where I produce both my own fine art prints and limited edition prints for other artists. Send me a line if you're interested in collaborating on an edition!  [email protected]   

My interest in print stems from its democratic and alchemical nature; qualities I have learnt to share with my students, peers, and collaborating artists. While pursuing my MFA at Louisiana State University I completed my thesis entitled The Veil, a project that explored Guy Debord’s Society of The Spectacle in relation to the politics of the internet and internet related technologies. The show satirically and enigmatically glimpses into the habits and rituals of contemporary society’s participation in social media, the corporate entities which propagate it, and how those systems of power sculpt and contribute to my own identity. Under the greater theme of internet politics lays a more personal search for the political and psychological meanings and histories of occult iconography, and why subcultures like the music scene I belong to use it as a visual language to represent themselves and their community.

One of my bodies of work, Reveries, stems from ideas surrounding the Jungian shadow archetype – the darker aspects of ourselves. Using a visual vocabulary rooted in introspective and intuitive mark making - borrowed from the language of modernist abstract painting - my prints explore the personal relationship of facing and acknowledging my own shadow. While my own experiences adorn my oeuvre of expressive prints, the personal narratives don’t reveal themselves. Instead, transfiguring vessels lie in their stead, swollen, and offering a trace of renewal.

Other recent notable exhibitions include The Ontario Miniature Print Exhibition ( Tara Cooper, Cassandra Getty, James Patten), Surreal Salon 7 in Baton Rouge LA (juried by SHAG), Print Austin in Austin TX (juried by Kathryn Polk and Kevin McNamee-Tweed), and the 2014 Pacific State Biennial National Print Exhibition in Hilo HI (Juried by Willie Cole).

If you have any questions or inquiries about my work, would like me to visit your school for a lecture or demonstration, or are interested in discussing collaborative print projects please send me an e-mail to [email protected]

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